2 Chelated Zinc - 100 Tablets (Single)
Chelated Zinc - 100 Tablets (S...

Highly bio available zinc supplement for immune, memory, prostate and eye support *


Normal growth and development, immune function and cellular repair.


• Needed in over 100 of the... B   Mar 08   Health & Beauty   Owerri

4 Buy 3M N95 Coronavirus Face Mask – 3 Ply Mask – Gloves – Doctor Cap Online
Buy 3M N95 Coronavirus Face Ma...

We have available products listed below

n95 face mask

3m face mask

facemask for corona virus

3 ply face mask

medical face mask

facemask for coronavirus

3m n95 face mask

premium nitril... B   Mar 31   Health & Beauty   Lagos Island


1 Mantec AV Digital Conference/Delegate System
Mantec AV Digital Conference/D...

Our Digital Conference System combines microphone handling, voting, conference management, and interpretation in one integrated system. A variety of touch screen, portable, and flush mounted confer... P   Mar 29   Health & Beauty   Ibadan


1 Deep tissue massage
Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is recommended for the treatment of muscle pains and general body pains,it helps to relieve stiff muscles and helps you unwind mentally.

B   Mar 19   Health & Beauty   Port Harcourt


5 Hair shaver, shaver, hair clipper, hair accessories
Hair shaver, shaver, hair clip...

wonderful beard and hair shaver/smoothing
It's 100% waterproof
Electric Shaver for Men Wet and Dry Waterproof, Electric Razor Cordless Men's
3D Rotary Shavers Rechargeable Beard Trimmer with Pop-up Trimmer, Digital Display & Travel... B   Mar 18   Health & Beauty   Warri


1 Wheat Germ Oil - 60 Capsules (Single)
Wheat Germ Oil - 60 Capsules (...

Whole, cold pressed wheat germ oil rich in naturally occurring Vitamin E which acts as a powerful antioxidant

Key Benefits

Vitamin E supports the well being of the heart, brain and prostate and promotes lung, colon and immune fu... B   Mar 12   Health & Beauty   Owerri


1 Vita Squares - 180 Tablets (Single)
Vita Squares - 180 Tablets (Si...

Chewable multivitamin for children.

Key Benefits

  • Loaded with 18 essential vitamins & minerals.
  • Tre-en-en® Grain Concentrates support healthy cellular function.
  • Great tasting chewable tablets derived... B   Mar 12   Health & Beauty   Owerri


1 Vita Guard - 120 Tablets (Single)
Vita Guard - 120 Tablets (Sing...

Chewable antioxidant for children.

Key Benefits

  • Antioxidant protection, with whole-food carotenoids to support immunity.
  • Equivalent to one large serving of fruits and vegetables.
  • Great tasting chewable... B   Mar 11   Health & Beauty   Owerri


2 Masculine Herbal Complex - 60 Tablets (Single)
Masculine Herbal Complex - 60...

Helps men regain renewed energy and physical vitality.

Key Benefits

  • Supports masculine vitality and healthy prostate function.
  • Ingredients to improve physical vitality and libido.



1 Femine Herbal Complex - 60 Tablets (Single)
Femine Herbal Complex - 60 Tab...

Herbal blend to help women achieve a state of optimal well being, comfort and calmness.

Key Benefits

  • Supports women's unique cyclical needs.
  • Supports calmness, boosts spirits, and promotes a positive mental attit... B   Mar 11   Health & Beauty   Owerri


1 Eyes problem treatment-catarats,glaucoma.
Eyes problem treatment-catarat...

Our vision is a precious sense, and one that we should not take for granted. While we may supplement our diets with nutrients to enhance our overall wellbeing, we tend to overlook our eyesight as a... P   Mar 11   Health & Beauty   Lagos Mainland


1 Vitamin B Complex Sustained Release - 60 Tablets (Single)
Vitamin B Complex Sustained Re...

B vitamins for sustained energy and an efficient metabolism.*

Key Benefits

  • Promotes the active conversion of all food into energy and assists in synthesis and re-energising of cells and tissues throughout the body.
  • B   Mar 11   Health & Beauty   Owerri


1 Tre-en-en - 120 Capsules (Single)
Tre-en-en - 120 Capsules (Sing...

Whole grain concentrates provide cellular nutrition for energy and vitality.

Key Benefits

  • Energises your entire body by helping your cells function more efficiently.
  • Promotes efficient nutrient utilisation for ov... B   Mar 11   Health & Beauty   Owerri


1 Full Motion - 90 Tablets (Single)
Full Motion - 90 Tablets (Sing...

Glucosamine with herbs, phytonutrients, and minerals to help promote joint comfort and flexibility.

Key Benefits

  • Supports optimal joint function and regenerates lost or damaged cartilage.
  • Boosts the body's natural... B   Mar 11   Health & Beauty   Owerri


1 Chelated Cal-Mag with 500 IU Vitamin D3 - 90 Tablets (Single)
Chelated Cal-Mag with 500 IU V...

Highly bioavailable calcium, magnesium and 500 IU vitamin D3 for strong bones, teeth, nerve & muscle function and more…

Key Benefits

  • Promotes strong bones and teeth.
  • May assist in postponing or preventing the o... B   Mar 11   Health & Beauty   Owerri



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